Slowly losing everyone around me,

Although thats not what im worried about,

The fact that each of them take a piece of me when they leave is what scares the fuck out of me.

Any cute girls up for a snap chat - jackintyre

Nudes welcome

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Hunters (Supernatural Cover of Royals by Lorde)

I’ve never seen a demon in the flesh,
I cut my teeth on latin texts on the TV.
And I’m not proud, oh, I obsess,
it doesn’t bring me down, come watch it with me.

And every episode is sharp teeth, salt rings, murder in the bathroom,
Blood stains, ghost towns, trashin’ the motel room,
We don’t care, we’re driving the Impala in our dreams.
But everybody’s like Angels, Crossroad Demons, when you’re done, Peace
Iron chains, knives and Destiel, dear God please.
We don’t care, we want to be caught up in that love affair.

And we’ll never be Hunters (Hunters).
It don’t run in our blood,
That kinda life just ain’t for us.
We crave a different kind of buzz.
Let me be in your Fandom (Fandom),
You can call me ‘Family’,
And baby I’ll live, I’ll live, I’ll live, I’ll live.
Let me live that fantasy.

My friends and I—we’ve cracked the code.
We count our dollars on the way to buy the box set.
And everyone who knows us knows that we’re fine with this,
We don’t watch for friendship.

Every episode is black eyes, more blood, front seat feelings.
Monsters, tablets, burning on the ceiling,
We don’t care, we’re driving the Impala in our dreams.
But everybody’s like Death, the apocalypse, Hell and Purgatory.
Suits and lies, another new fake ID.
We don’t care, just announce when the next season airs.

Ooh ooh oh, It’s bigger than we ever dreamed,
Love ‘Supernatural Family’.
Ooh ooh oh, Life is great with more updates;
It’s just the spoilers that we hate.

Fuck me. So good

Wearing short sleeve shirts to my office job so people learn that because I have tattoos doesn’t mean that I’m not smarter then half the stuck up bitches here

Still searching for someone who understands me. Still having no luck


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